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Our work continues to increase in supporting PG County residents during COVID-19 I'D LIKE TO HELP Meeting the Growing Needs

We are a Non Profit

Prince George's County Fire & EMS Foundation (PGFDF) is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization that is the fundraising arm of Prince George's County Fire & EMS Department.

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Discover Our Mission

Saving Lives, Transforming the Future & Guarding Against Loss

We support Prince George’s County Fire & EMS Department to improve the quality of life in Prince George’s County by promoting safety, and providing the highest quality community service and fundraising to aid in the advancement of fire prevention, fire protection, emergency medical services, and community outreach programs.

The program plan includes the agency’s goal to install smoke detectors in every home that requires a unit, particularly in underserved populations within the Baltimore, and Maryland area and much more…

We Protect Our Neighbors

Your support provides entire neighborhoods with working smoke detectors, emergency information & safety resources/training from day cares to senior citizen homes.

We Uplift & Protect Our Children

Your support provides fire safety & emergency training to young children; career training in firefighting, rescue, and EMS for high school students, special programs for special needs youth and the blind; and support for a host of other community needs such as food, clothing, and holiday assistance.

We Stand by Our Firefighters and EMS

Your support provides better gear and technology to protect and saves lives. You stand by families of maimed or fallen personnel with aid and even scholarships for their children.

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Ready to Raise Funds for Idea?

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Our Current Initiatives

Since 2015 residents, businesses, and organizations have pooled their resources together to protect our communities against oversights that can cost a family more than any family should ever  have to lose. 

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Meet Our Leadership

Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department Fire Chief
Tiffany D. Green

Tiffany D. Green is a devoted wife, mother and resident of Prince George’s County. She enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. Living a life of service brings her ultimate joy.
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As a 24-year veteran of Fire Services, Chief Green holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety and a Master’s Degree in Emergency and Disaster Management. In March 1999, she began her career with the Prince George’s County Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department after serving as a volunteer for the Oxon Hill Volunteer Fire Department. 


She is Prince George’s County’s first female Fire Chief. Prior to this historic appointment, she served as the Chief Deputy. In her capacity as the Chief Deputy, she was responsible for the Administrative Services Command. Under this command, she managed the agency’s Human Resources, Fiscal Affairs, Information Management, Risk Management and the Office of Service Excellence, Accreditation & Research. 


During her tenure, Fire Chief Green also served as the Director of the Fire/EMS Training and Leadership Academy where her primary obligation was to provide training and career development for over 860 sworn personnel and approximately 1,000 volunteer members of the Department. She also managed the High School Fire Science (Cadet) Program, designed for high school students who are interested in working in the Fire Services profession. 


Prior to her Command Staff experience, Chief Green served in a wide array of agency roles: Firefighter, Paramedic, Station Commander, Executive Assistant to the Public Safety Director, Chief of Staff for the Director of Homeland Security, Special Events Coordinator and Stadium Commander for FedEx Field. 


To her success, Chief Green strongly credits hard work, preparation and commitment. She is most sought after in the areas of project management, community partnerships and emergency preparedness.

County Executive

Angela Alsobrooks

The County Executive is the chief executive officer of the Prince George’s County Government and is the highest ranking elected official in the county. As the leader of the executive branch of government, the County Executive is responsible for the operation of all governmental departments and agencies.

Cheryl Walker

Cheryl Walker is an acknowledged authority on both multi-family and residential housing operations, management, and related community impacts. She brings more than two decades of hands-on proficiency to an arena where from her earliest years she demonstrated an uncanny blend of professionalism and commitment that have made her a tough yet well-informed proponent of sustainable community-based living. Her skillful achievements are reflected in her leadership as Chief Executive Officer of the Maryland Housing Coalition, and CEO and President of the Prince Georges County Fire/EMS Foundation.
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The Maryland Housing Coalition is a first of its kind housing resource company headquartered in southern Prince George’s County, Maryland and offers a diverse array of special services to landlords, tenants, Common Ownership Communities, mortgage lenders and debtors. The Prince Georges County Fire/EMS Foundation 501, (c), 3 is a county wide foundation providing life safety seminars and equipment to Prince Georgians and resources to the Prince Georges County Fire department.

Ms. Walker recognizes that experience is one of life’s greatest teachers. She has been involved in promoting sustainability principles within active and, sometimes, transitional communities for more than two decades. Her contributions are evident throughout Prince George’s County where her firm’s motto “Bringing Resources to the Community That Perpetuate Sustainable Living”, originated.

In 1989, she founded Peace Productions, a promotions company emphasizing non-violence by way of entertainment alternatives for young people. Ms. Walker also promoted a teen talk radio show with Radio One. Peace Productions went on to promote “Stop the Violence” and “Stay in School” campaigns. These programs proved to be very popular when introduced at Oxon Hill High School with the support of leaders in the Prince George’s County Public School System.

In 1995, Ms. Walker joined Southern Management Corporation where she continued her persistent efforts to bring communities and educators together. Operating primarily within the most challenging apartment communities in Landover, MD; Ms. Walker met State Senator Joanne C. Benson with whom she became a founding member of the innovative Route 202 Coalition in Landover, Maryland. The coalition became one of the first multi-disciplinary confederations in Prince George’s County history, ultimately hosting a working group of decision makers in county government and civic organizations.

In 2010, Ms. Walker worked closely with the executive leadership of Edgewood Management to create partnerships to invigorate multi-family communities in their Prince George’s County portfolio. With the help of members from Prince George’s County Council and Prince George’s Community College, Ms. Walker led an initiative to assist 54 unemployed residents in Oxon Hill, Maryland in obtaining meaningful training through the Team Builders Academy. She also established a partnership with the National Coalition for the Homeless to create Edgewood Management’s Healthy Homes for the Homeless campaign and a partnership with Prince George’s County Schools to launch after-school tutorial programs with the help of Prince George’s County teachers.

In 2011, Ms. Walker joined the Maryland Division of the largest residential management company in the Unites States, Associa Management the Community Management Corporation (CMC) team. As a Senior Portfolio Manager, Ms. Walker oversaw seventeen Common Ownership Communities throughout Maryland totaling over 10,000 residents.

Ms. Walker remains active in numerous affordable housing and community-oriented service/advocacy organizations. These include but are not limited to, the Property Management Association, Community Association Institute and National Center of Housing Management, Prince Georges County Common Ownership Commission, Montgomery County Common Ownership Commission. She also collaborates through partnerships with the NAACP Prince George’s Chapter, Prince George’s County Fire Chief’s Citizens Advisory Council, the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Advisory Council and the newly formed South County Alliance for Social Equality, and Education.

As a resourceful organizer, Ms. Walker has collaborated with community stalwarts and elected leaders like Delegate Darren Swain, County Councilman Derrick L. Davis, and public affairs experts like Kenneth Battle Jr. to further efforts to bring communities together. Additionally, by earning the support of corporate benefactors like Nike, she has been a leader in planning and hosting Almost Home, Toys for Tots, Feed the Less Fortunate, and National Night Out programs. She also created Peace in the Street Jams with WPGC and Street Jams with WKYS to showcase national talent in local communities. Ms. Walker has been and continues to be a “go to” person for organizations seeking to bring communities together.

Ms. Walker’s formal credentials also support the work she is so passionate and dedicated to continuing. She is a Certified Property Manager with a Property Managers Certified Manager of Community Associations, Association Management Specialist Certification from Southern Management University, a Certified Manager of Community Associations, Diploma and Maintenance Technician, a Certified Occupancy Specialist, a Certified Tax Credit Specialist, a Maryland Real Estate Broker and has completed additional management courses, including; Dale Carnegie Training, Sales Skills and Strategies; High Impact Presentations; Customer Service; Leadership Development; and Perspectives in Non-profit Management program.

Throughout her career, Ms. Walker has lead teams ranging in size from five to forty that have leveraged many resources to create and maintain thriving communities in Prince George’s County and the state of Maryland. She now proudly represents the Maryland Housing Coalition, her own management advisory and advocacy firm, addressing the needs of the less fortunate in areas of education, homelessness prevention, affordable housing, financial literacy, and character building. Together, these five core components create the perfect foundation for sustainable, thriving communities.

As a mother of two and grandmother of three, Ms. Walker takes great pride in serving the community and helping families build stronger foundations. Ms. Walker is often quoted saying “I will never acknowledge a person’s hunger, homelessness or hopelessness and not do everything I can to change it.”

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The app also notifies users of the closest available Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Early application of bystander CPR and rapid defibrillation from an AED have proven to be crucial in improving a person’s chance of surviving sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). PulsePoint is not limited to emergency responders or those with official CPR certification. It can be used by anyone who has been trained in CPR.

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The PulsePoint app also provides users with a display of PGFD’s active and recent incidents County-wide. On average, PGFD responds to 400 daily calls for service; more than 80 percent are for emergency medical services.

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